HDCVI NEW Product Release

HDCVI is under video hardware with other four high-credit finalists.High Definition Composite Video Interface (HDCVI) is a technology breakthrough in the industry, offering fast and easy upgrade to high definition under conventional cabling environment. The in-house technology — HDCVI — features over-coaxial-cable analog HD video transmission, allowing reliable long-distance HD transmission at lower cost, while complex deployment is applicable. The highlights of HDCVI include Easy Upgrade to HD, Long-distant Transmission, No Latency and 3 Signals Over 1 Cable Transmission. Furthermore, We works together with HDcctv Alliance on HDcctv 2.0 AT, delivering true HDTV signals over any legacy CCTV coaxial cabling, along with plug ‘n’ play up-the-coax remote control. HDcctv 2.0 AT, in particular, provides the means to upgrade any analogue system to HD quality video with remote control without disturbing the legacy infrastructure

Latest Product

  • QVI-6PA29


    1/3" SONY 1.3Megapixel CMOS 2.8-12mm,40M,720P 30f

  • QVI-6FA29


    1/3" SONY 1.3Megapixel CMOS 2.8-12mm,40M,720P 30f

  • QVI-4DA24


    1/3" SONY 1.3Megapixel CMOS 3.6mm/6mm.30M,720P 30f

  • QVI-3GA26


    1/3" SONY 1.3Megapixel CMOS 2.8-12mm,30M,Vandalpro

  • QVI-2DA21


    1/3" SONY 1.3Megapixel CMOS 3.6mm/6mm.30M,Plasti

  • QVI-3RCA24


    1/3" SONY 1.3Megapixel CMOS 3.6mm/6mm,30M,Vandpro

  • QVR-7004A


    4ch CVI Digital Video Recorder 4ch 720P with HDMI

  • QVR-7008B


    8ch CVI Digital Video Recorder 8ch 720P with HDMI

  • QIP-6FH20


    2 Megapixel HD IP Cameras 2.8-12mm,40M IR