• QN-833TS
  • QN-833TS
  • QN-833TS
  • QN-833TS


3.5 Inch LCD IP address scan Audio,Wire Tracker Function Digital Multimeter Function



HVT CCTV TESTER( 6th generation)

Video Test

Signal mode

NTSC/PAL (Auto adapt)


3.5 inch digital TFT-LCD ,480RGBx 320 resolution

LCD adjustment

Brightness, Contrast, Saturation adjustable

Video IN/OUT

1 channel BNC Input & 1 channel Output

Video Output Mode

1.0 Vp-p

Video Level test

Level test

Video signals measured in IRE or mV

PTZ controller


Support RS232 and RS485

PTZ Protocol

Compatible with more than 30 protocols such as PELCO-D/P, Samsung, Panasonic, Lilin, Yaan, etc.

Baud Rate


Video Signal Generation

Color bar generator

Output one channel PAL/NTSC color bar video signal for testing monitor or video cable.(red, green ,blue, white and black color )


UTP cable test

Test UTP cable connection status and display in the screen. Read the number of the test box.

DC12V 1A power output

DC12V power output

 Output DC12V1A power for camera

Audio input test

Audio input test

test the pickup and other audio equipments on the front-end

RS485 data analysis

Data Monitor

Captures and analyzes the command data from controlling device

10 x zoom of image

Image 10x zoom

10x zoom image display and video out

Photograph,Video record, Record playback


snapshot and save the current image as JPG file

Video record

Video record and storage the file

Record playback

To view the storage file in the SD card

Port flicker

Port flicker

Find the connected POE port quickly.

IP scan, Link monitor, PING test

IP scan

Find out the connected IP camera or the other network equipment IP address quickly.

Link monitor

Check the IP address whether is occupied

PING testing

Test IP camera or Ethernet port of the other network equipment whether work normally, and check the IP address

Cable scan

Cable scan

Search the cable by the audio signal

POE tester

POE tester

Display the power supply voltage and cable connection states

Digital Multimeter

AC/DC Voltage

0-660V auto/manual range, the min resolution is 0.1mV

AC/DC current

660.0uA , 6.600mA, 66.00mA , 660.0mA, 10.00A


660.0Ω, 6.600kΩ, 66.00kΩ, 660.0kΩ, 6.600MΩ, 66.00MΩ


6.6nf66000uF the min resolution is 1pf


02V forward voltage, the min resolution is 1mV

Data hold

Hold the measurement optical power value

Relative measurement

display the difference value of the first testing result

 Continuity testing

Built-in buzzer will sound, if resistance is lower than 50 Ω

Testing speed

3 times/ seconds

Data range


TDR Tester


TDR Tester

breakpoint and short circuit measurement(BNC cable, telephone cable)


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