Barjes bin jerais


Dear PARTNERS: On behalf of the Sadeem tourism team and myself, pleased to welcome as partners of Sadeem tourism success where our COMPANY includes administrative and technical group specialized and multi-expertise in Saudi and global MARKET. As the market of the Saudi Travel distinguish by a privacy at the Middle East, the current market evolution intense competition where the kingdom ranked second highest tourism spending in the world, so I am happy and Sadeem team that continues to provide the best solutions for the travel and tourism while maintaining the quality of services offered at affordable prices.

General Manager

Raed bin jerais

General Manager

Success in itself a great meaning and noble goal everyone seeks to achieve in all areas of life, and we are pro-tourism and travel company may have set a goal from the beginning we strive to achieve since the beginning of the founding of the company, I've always been keen to keep up with the massive and rapid development, which occurs at the economic level in general and on the level of tourism activity particularly during the past years, which has given us the opportunity to develop mechanisms of action to improve the level of activity and services to suit the requirements of the market during this phase.

Wael Mohamed Riad - Executive Director

Wael Mohamed Riad

Executive Director

To achieve the vision of our wise leadership which aims to achieve the highest level of service and the best prices in the tourism sector in Saudi Arabia. Based on this approach we launched the company in the nebula travel and tourism our website to be a window that overlooks the world of which we link between us and our partners in success, I've worked hard because this website will be an innovative and distinct users the latest technology in design and provided the many electronic links that enable the user to browse the site easily and conveniently access the information they need and work our site to facilitate communication between the team members in the company and the appropriate alpha effectively.