Romania: A Captivating Country Providing High Quality Care

If you are thinking of travelling to a cost-effective, convenient and beautiful European destination for medical treatment, you need look no further than relaxing Romania. Romania is known for its beauty as well as it's captivating culture. It is also home to world renowned Doctors and Hospitals and is an increasingly popular destination choice for the discerning medical traveler.

Romania is enjoying an ever-growing tourism industry with visitors travelling from all over the world to visit its stunning undisturbed forests and mountains and captivating historic cities and castles not to mention the beautiful villages where visitors can experience a slice of Romanian life.

Over the last few decades, the medical system in Romania has developed a strong private sector which offers patients a high standard of medical care. The Romanian medical tourism industry has grown considerably in recent years and privately owned hospitals and clinics provide a wide range of surgeries, treatments and medical services to medical travellers as well as Romanian locals with facilities easily comparable to those in Western European countries. It is now estimated that close to 100,000 foreign patients travel to Romania every year to receive medical treatment.

Sianai Resort:

Therapeutic indications and treatment resources:
  • Neurosis
  • Endocrine-metabolic diseases
  • chronic respiratory diseases
  • Hypertension 
  • chronic-progressive rheumatic disease

Covasna Spa (Cardiologie Hospital)

Therapeutic indications and treatment resources:
stage 1 and 2 hypertension, stroke sequelae myocardial infarction, Aortic regurgitation and matched, valvular, superficial and deep phlebi-tis valvular disease, peripheral arterial, matabolic diseases: diabetes mellitus, Neurosis, gynecological, Erectile dysfunction,venopatii, procedures spa mineral water heated, pits, Aerosols, inhalations, paraffin,electrotherapy, Galvanic baths, Massage medical gymnastics.